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I boost sales for small businesses with data-driven WordPress sites.

Did you know 98% of your website's visitors will not buy from you today?

Why? You may be selling… and, well, selling is dead. As Americans, we’ve developed a strong immunity to selling and can smell a sales pitch from a mile away. Products today are bought, but rarely “sold.” Long gone are the days of flashing “SALE! SALE! SALE!” banners, greasy salesman, and screaming your deals from the rooftops. Nowadays, it’s all about making it simple and easy for visitors to understand and buy from us. Studies show your visitor has made up their mind about your site in 0.05 seconds, and one study found 94% of people cited poor web design for rejecting business online!  That’s one hell of a first impression! When the average customer has the attention span of a ferret on their second double espresso, we simply do not have time to mess around! I can’t emphasize this enough: You may be needlessly overlooking simple, proven, principles that make it easier for your visitors to buy from you instead of the other guy. Nature follows the path of least resistance, and sadly it is too often the best option loses to the easier option. The bottom line? There’s no excuse not to apply these same principles to your small business and duke it out with the big guys! I’m Devin Holmes, and I believe the best products and services should never fail due to a poor buying experience. I’m a man on a mission to rid the world of bad web design!

Some larger roles, some smaller roles, but these are the brands that have trusted my design expertise in the past, and I appreciate the hell out of that!​

Once I found an entirely free coworking space just a few blocks away - with free coffee! Turns out I crashed an AA meeting... At least some good work came from it. Enjoy!

Anchor Point Digital

Strategy, precision, and high conversion rates for this search marketing agency.

EOM Tech

This IT power duo unleashes a competitive smackdown with trust and flare.

Evident Systems

Digital banking solution provider winning bids and making bank.

How does data-driven design increase sales?
It’s the result of paying attention to the tiniest details
⋆and a little magic!⋆ For instance...

Having a nice mobile site can increase conversions by

0 %

A good headline can improve conversions by

0 %

Using natural language on forms has been shown to increase conversions by up to

0 %

Changing a button from “See Plans and Pricing” to “Get Started Today” increases conversions by

0 %

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High-performing websites keep your visitors excited and engaged.
Each DHD data-driven website includes:




with Limited Editing Capabilities (i.e. blog and specials only) Unlimited Editing Capabilities have a three month warranty

You wouldn't keep an employee that costs you money. Why keep a website that does? Start reaching your full online potential today, and make your website your hardest working team member.

DHD is no longer in business

You can now find me working with Proxy, an agency dedicated to crafting unbelievably modern, easy-to-use, Elementor websites.

(Of course, all existing CRO agreements will continue to be honored.)