Social Media Management

Build a following, drive sales, and foster good will with your customer base by with an engaging social media presence.

You have more important things on your plate than fiddling with Facebook and other social media all day. I’ll handle your social media presence and goals with methods that will far exceed your best expectations. You can get back to what you do best and leave the social media research, marketing, and interactions to me. It’s what I do best!

Why choose me? It doesn’t matter how many accounts or followers you have if you have nothing to say. Social media is all about CONTENT, and I’m a content creation machine. When you choose DHD for your social media management you are getting an experienced designer, advertiser, and copywriter all rolled into one. Whether your goal is to drive sales or simply stay relevant, I’ve got you covered. I research your brand, company history, and entire industry as a whole. I then use this information to write blog posts, create infographics, promotional images, and handle social media interactions just as competently as a trusted member of your own staff.

Creative Content Campaigns

What is a creative content marketing? Simply put, creative content is a fun and unique method of marketing. Creative content is so entertaining, it encourages people to promote your company voluntarily without even thinking about it. Methods include fun, interactive micro-sites, games, infographics, explainer videos, data visuals, blog posts, and ebooks. Like a jolt of coffee right to the barin, creative content is an imaginative way to wake users the heck up and escape the usual on the web and have some fun while learning about your industry.

By using enticing visuals, fun interactive elements and story telling techniques, users can learn more about your industry and want to share the content with their friends. All those shares don’t go unnoticed either. Google algorithms are designed to boost popular sites that hold visitor interest. Because the content is hosted on or linked to your company site, your home page is popular by association and rises up the search results! Many clients jump several pages above their current search engine ranking with this method. All results are monitored and reported back to you, however, I am certain you will notice them first hand.

If you don’t think your industry is interesting enough to justify creative content, think again! Industries that would seem boring to the uninformed individual often harbor hidden gems that are surprisingly fascinating. Please get in touch to discuss receiving a proposal outlining creative content ideas for your industry.

Website Design & Development

Have you ever been to a restaurant with outdated decor? Where the only thing the staff changed since the 70’s was the price? You probably thought they we behind the times, if not a bit unsanitary.

What is your site saying about you? Your home page is your online storefront. If you can’t keep up-to-date with your site, it may be telling your customers that you are not current within your own industry. At the very least, you are saying that you don’t care about looking your best.

Here’s the real test. Is your site more attractive than your lead competitor’s? The web moves at warp speed and you need to keep up-to-date and even exceed modern web standards by providing a fantastic user experience that easily drives sales. I can help.

Sites can be developed as html or on a content management system (CMS) of your choosing, including but not limited to WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla!, and Shopify.

Branding / Corporate Identity

Branding is about more than simply looking good. Good branding should create a mental perception that is equal to the visual perception. Your brand should create a unique impression that showcases your company’s voice and makes a lasting impression in your audience’s memory. Every piece of your marketing materials should be part of a cohesive set that entices your audience, builds recognition, and perpetuates your ideals and qualities.

Lastly, keep in mind, smart branding makes you look smart as well.

Print Design & Sourcing

Who says print is dead? Individually or as part of your campaign/branding efforts, here’s a list of items that I can design, print, and send straight to your door.

Rack Cards
Post Cards
Business Cards

Greeting Cards
CD/DVD Packaging
Record Packaging
Corporate Reports

Book Publishing
Table Tents
Tote Bags