Folk Tales

Cuyahoga Community College’s Folktales program encourages ESL (English as a second language) students to tell a story from their native land and record it onto a single compilation disc. The program is invaluable to many ESL students as it offers them a deeper understanding of the mechanics of English, as well as offering an outlet that combines their histories with their new found lingual skills.

Given that students from all over would be telling their stories, I chose to use a dragon as the Folktales logomark. Many countries amazingly hold stories of dragons in their folklore, despite being separated by vast stretches of land and even oceans that would make communication nearly impossible until recent history. It is uncanny how tales of this creature have transcended national borders for thousands of years. The album sleeve itself is meant to resemble a package that has been shipped from country to country and stamped with a simple “hello” in many, many languages.